About Us

Welcome to Social.Live, a groundbreaking initiative operated by JDW Labs PTE LTD, a Singapore-incorporated company. With a dynamic founding team comprising visionaries and experts in blockchain and internet infrastructure hailing from prestigious institutions like NTU and Harvard, we are at the forefront of shaping the future of Web3.

In recognizing that Web3 represents more than just a technological advancement—it's a sweeping social and cultural revolution—we are driven by a compelling mission: to inject social connectivity into the very fabric of the decentralized web. Our aim is ambitious yet clear: to bridge the divides between disparate Web3 communities, transforming what was once isolation into vibrant interconnection.

At Social.Live, we envision a future where all blockchains are seamlessly linked on a social plane. Our platform serves as the nexus where these diverse communities converge, fostering collaboration, engagement, and innovation on an unprecedented scale. By aggregating users' social activities across both Web2 and Web3 realms, we empower individuals to curate and own their digital presence through a singular, unified passport.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, redefining the landscape of Web3 and empowering users to forge meaningful connections across the decentralized ecosystem. Together, let's shape a more connected, inclusive, and socially vibrant digital future with Social.Live at the helm.

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